Pre War Seminar

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Here are what people who have attended this Prewar Gibson Mastertone Seminar in the past have to say:

I really enjoyed the Seminar considering that I had a inner ear trouble went to doctor Monday. Well enjoy it better next time. But the complete Seminar and all the commendations were outstanding and very professional In every way. The Residence inn could not have been any better. It was close too Mr. Mills Home and easy Accessible to and from Interstate Hwy. It had a very comfort atmosphere, and Mr. and Mrs. Mils are very good host .

Thanks again

Dannie R. Cashwell

I was actually thinking about writing a letter to say how well done I think the seminar was.  In particular I appreciate how welcome you and Jim made everyone feel.  I hope in the next year or so to attend again and bring my son.

I think the setting for Saturday added a lot to the experience.  If it had been in a conference room somewhere I think it would not have had the atmosphere of being in a home and with all the various banjos, parts and pictures I don’t know how you would create the same experience.

Eating on the patio was great and the food was a treat.  I wish I had some more of that cake.

I think think the way Jim went through the banjo evolution was very informative as well as going through all the parts and what parts are original and ones that are replacements.  I liked the stores about how Jim acquired the banjos.  I have been to South Africa so I identified with that story.

I think impressed would be the word I would use for the feelings I had about the event.  The setting, the friendliness, seeing the passion for the banjos and history all made it a not to miss event.  It’s great that you guys are sharing this.

I think the Residence in was good for me.  I think my room at least was plenty roomy and the price was good thanks to the discount.  I booked a couple weeks ago and they gave me the break even though I had missed the time period.  I suppose the host there was OK.  I normally don’t expect too much from hotel staff.  I thought there was enough parking and breakfast and eating area seemed pretty good.

On the event a very minor thing.  I think when we were all passing around the banjo parts near the cabinet.  That seemed a little tight but I suppose Jim was pulling parts out of the cabinet and understand that but this is a very minor point.

Again Kevin I thank you and Jim and Richie for the experience.

Allen Townsend

I attended your seminar this past weekend and just wanted to say thank you for a world class, once in a lifetime experience! The knowledge and experience you have in the world of Prewar Gibson Banjos is absolutely amazing!

There is one question that I failed to ask that I was hoping you could answer for me. What techniques and products do you use to clean up resonators and metal parts in order to get a banjo ready to sell?

Thanks again to you and your wife for your genuine hospitality!

Jeff Williamson

… “The entire event was fantastic, beyond words! Jim seemed just as thrilled to have us there as we all were to BE there! What a great host, and generous man to share his knowledge; especially to let us all in to his “vault”, and get to see, and handle these exceptional banjos. If he ever does this again, be sure to go …”

Tom Flack – Fishers, Indiana

“WOW!!  What a great weekend. Well worth the tiring coast-to-coast flights. Jim was an incredibly gracious host, a passionate and informative lecturer/story teller/historian and a great friend. Yes, he let us play the Mack Crowe, the Snuffy and the African Queen…WOW!!! What an experience! It was SO cool!”

Daniel Varadi – Seattle, Washington

“This seminar was not only extraordinary, but with the chance to play the African Queen no-hole RB-3, the Snuffy Smith RB-4, and the Mack Crow RB-75 and it was off the charts.”

Barnet Malin – Santa Monica, California

“…What an experience! Just to think about being in the home of one of the top 10 banjo pickers of our generation and listening to him talk passionately about these banjos almost seems surreal. Jim and his wife are two of the most gracious people around, and they really went out of their way to make all of us feel very welcome in their home. I just stood there staring in his China cabinet at the 6 Grammy Awards and the 6 IBMA Banjo Player of the Year awards…”

Darrell Kidd – Randleman, North Carolina

“What an honor to have attended. A lifetime experience…Thanks to Mr. Jim Mills!”

George Seymour – Waterbury, Vermont

“Jim’s warm and friendly personality coupled with his encyclopedic knowledge of Gibson Pre World War II banjos was a thrill for everyone in attendance.  When I got to actually pass around pieces and parts (including a pre war flathead tone ring, an original 5-string neck and more) of these rare banjos I gained real, hands-on insight into the history, development and evolution of what makes up the banjos against which all others are judged.  Getting to play a number of original, flathead five string Gibson Mastertone banjos, some of which still had their original Rogers 3-Star head, was just icing on an already indulgent cake! I didn’t want the day to end!”

Richie Dotson – Chesterfield, Virginia

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