The J.D. Crowe Interview

J.D. Crowe Interview

J.D. Crowe is interviewed by Jim Mills inside the fabulous Jim Mills Banjo Showroom. This 31 minute historic interview is a must see for J.D. Crowe and Jim Mills fans as well as fans of both Bluegrass and Traditional Country Music.

J.D.’s early influences and career are discussed as well as his setup and how his right hand “The Claw” was developed. Pre War Gibson Banjos are discussed, including J.D. Crowe’s rare no hole flathead Mastertone banjo, better known as “The Banger” is featured here, as well as the story of how he found her! Richie Dotson of Acoustic Box LLC does a great job at filming, audio recording and editing this fantastic piece of history.

Enjoy and share this video as much as you’d like.