Photos from the October 15, 2016 Pre War Gibson Seminar

Enjoy these photos taken during the October 15, 2016 Jim Mills Pre War Gibson Banjo Seminar taken by Richie Dotson of Acoustic Box LLC

Each of the thumbnails below is a link to the full size, high definition photograph. ┬áIf your connection is slow, you’ll need to give not only this page a little while to load, but the full size photos may need some time as well, depending on your connection.

dsc_0005 dsc_0157 dsc_0156 dsc_0155 dsc_0154 dsc_0152 dsc_0144 dsc_0139 dsc_0136 dsc_0133 dsc_0114 dsc_0113 dsc_0106 dsc_0104 dsc_0102 dsc_0099 dsc_0097 dsc_0095 dsc_0090 dsc_0088 dsc_0081 dsc_0080 dsc_0079 dsc_0078 dsc_0071 dsc_0069 dsc_0068 dsc_0057 dsc_0054 dsc_0046 dsc_0041 dsc_0039 dsc_0038 dsc_0035 dsc_0033 dsc_0029 dsc_0025 dsc_0022 dsc_0016 dsc_0013 dsc_0008 dsc_0004 dsc_0002 dsc_0994 dsc_0993 dsc_0991 dsc_0984 dsc_0976 dsc_0972 dsc_0971 dsc_0968 dsc_0958 dsc_0953 dsc_0951 dsc_0949 dsc_0948 dsc_0947 dsc_0939 dsc_0932 dsc_0931 dsc_0930 dsc_0928 dsc_0924 dsc_0921 dsc_0915 dsc_0914 dsc_0877 dsc_0876 dsc_0873 dsc_0871 dsc_0868 dsc_0860 dsc_0859 dsc_0857 dsc_0849 dsc_0848 dsc_0843 dsc_0842 dsc_0833 dsc_0828 dsc_0812 dsc_0811 dsc_0804 dsc_0798 dsc_0796 dsc_0795 dsc_0794 dsc_0793 dsc_0791 dsc_0789 dsc_0788 dsc_0784 dsc_0771 dsc_0769 dsc_0768 dsc_0767 dsc_0766 dsc_0765 dsc_0764 dsc_0761 dsc_0748 dsc_0743 dsc_0742 dsc_0738 dsc_0736 dsc_0732 dsc_0730 dsc_0726 dsc_0722 dsc_0715 dsc_0709 dsc_0707 dsc_0703 dsc_0700 dsc_0693 dsc_0692 dsc_0683 dsc_0676 dsc_0675 dsc_0673 dsc_0667 dsc_0643 dsc_0639 dsc_0638 dsc_0636 dsc_0635 dsc_0633 dsc_0632 dsc_0630 dsc_0629 dsc_0628 dsc_0627 dsc_0626 dsc_0625 dsc_0624 dsc_0623 dsc_0622 dsc_0620 dsc_0618 dsc_0617 dsc_0616 dsc_0615 dsc_0614 dsc_0613 dsc_0612 dsc_0605 dsc_0598 dsc_0596 dsc_0592 dsc_0590 dsc_0584 dsc_0582 dsc_0580 dsc_0577 dsc_0576 dsc_0575 dsc_0574 dsc_0564 dsc_0560 dsc_0550 dsc_0534 dsc_0533 dsc_0532 dsc_0528 dsc_0527 dsc_0526 dsc_0524 dsc_0523 dsc_0517 dsc_0515 dsc_0514 dsc_0512 dsc_0511 dsc_0506 dsc_0505 dsc_0501 dsc_0499 dsc_0496 dsc_0490 dsc_0489 dsc_0488 dsc_0487 dsc_0485 dsc_0482 dsc_0481 dsc_0477 dsc_0475 dsc_0473 dsc_0468 dsc_0467 dsc_0466 dsc_0465 dsc_0464 dsc_0463 dsc_0462 dsc_0461 dsc_0460 dsc_0459 dsc_0458 dsc_0457 dsc_0455 dsc_0452 dsc_0451 dsc_0445 dsc_0442 dsc_0437 dsc_0431 dsc_0430 dsc_0428 dsc_0426 dsc_0423 dsc_0419 dsc_0418 dsc_0416 dsc_0415 dsc_0413 dsc_0410 dsc_0409 dsc_0407 dsc_0405 dsc_0404 dsc_0403 dsc_0402 dsc_0397 dsc_0395 dsc_0389 dsc_0387 dsc_0385 dsc_0382 dsc_0378 dsc_0375 dsc_0374 dsc_0373 dsc_0372 dsc_0370 dsc_0365 dsc_0364 dsc_0363 dsc_0362 dsc_0361 dsc_0356 dsc_0354 dsc_0351 dsc_0346 dsc_0345 dsc_0340 dsc_0336 dsc_0331 dsc_0328 dsc_0327 dsc_0321 dsc_0316 dsc_0313 dsc_0312 dsc_0310 dsc_0308 dsc_0305 dsc_0304 dsc_0303 dsc_0302 dsc_0300 dsc_0298 dsc_0296 dsc_0284 dsc_0282 dsc_0275 dsc_0272 dsc_0269 dsc_0268 dsc_0263 dsc_0258 dsc_0255 dsc_0250 dsc_0249 dsc_0248 dsc_0247 dsc_0245 dsc_0242 dsc_0240 dsc_0238 dsc_0237 dsc_0236 dsc_0234 dsc_0233 dsc_0232 dsc_0231 dsc_0230 dsc_0229 dsc_0228 dsc_0226 dsc_0223 dsc_0221 dsc_0220 dsc_0218 dsc_0217 dsc_0212 dsc_0206 dsc_0205 dsc_0204 dsc_0203 dsc_0202 dsc_0200 dsc_0198 dsc_0197 dsc_0170 dsc_0168 dsc_0167 dsc_0166 dsc_0165 dsc_0160 dsc_0159 dsc_0155 dsc_0154 dsc_0150 dsc_0149 dsc_0146 dsc_0145 dsc_0141 dsc_0140 dsc_0138 dsc_0136 dsc_0135 dsc_0129 dsc_0128 dsc_0121 dsc_0120 dsc_0106 dsc_0073 dsc_0058 dsc_0053 dsc_0052 dsc_0042 dsc_0041 dsc_0031 dsc_0028 dsc_0025 dsc_0016 dsc_0013 dsc_0012 dsc_0009 dsc_0008 dsc_0006